Bell Ringing

Ringing the Changes

Have you ever wondered where this everyday expression comes from? It’s a bellringing term regarding the way bells change position to produce the unique sound of English change ringing.

The Art and Science of bellringing has been developed in England over the past three centuries. Communities had always used bells to advertise services, celebrate happy occasions, warn of disasters such as invasion, and even in medieval times to act as an aid to travellers to find a safe haven at night. Bells in those days were hung with their mouth downwards and chimed. Then about 300 years ago, an enterprising Englishman decided that if a bell was mounted on a wheel and swung 360 degrees, it would be more manageable and the musical possibilities were exciting and endless. English change ringing was born.

Here in Hersham we have 8 bells, the heaviest weighing 8 cwt. This means we can ring over 40,000 changes without repeating one. The Science involves the various methods we ring and the Art is how well the band work together to provide a good music to listen to. Anyone, with a little training, can do it. It’s like riding a bicycle - once learnt, never forgotten. We ring for services, weddings and the occasional peal to celebrate important occasions such as the Queen’s Jubilee. Practices are on a Tuesday evening from 7:45 – 9:00pm.

Why not indulge the Scientist or Artist in you, and come and join us - you are always very welcome.

If you are interested in joining us or would like more information about bellringing just turn up at the church at 7.45 on a Tuesday evening or contact David Mealor

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