Tidy the Churchyard




CHURCHYARD NEWS: Having taken a break for the winter we're ready to start again for the spring and summer. 

Please email Lynne Watson   safeguarding@stpetershersham.com  if you are able to help with clearing and tidying of the Churchyard on Saturday afternoons 2pm to 4pm.

We do have a limited supply of tools but you are welcome to bring your own. We're a friendly group of volunteers and are always happy to welcome others.

It is also our intention that graves are kept neat and tidy. Please consider signing up to Adopt a Grave: weeding a specific grave or a number of graves in a designated area so that as a community, we can respect and preserve the dignity of those who established the village as we know it today.





Page last updated: Thursday 29th February 2024 9:28 PM
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