Local Charities & Organisations


Elmbridge CAN http://www.elmbridgecan.org.uk/ 

ElmbridgeCAN is a small charity, based in Elmbridge aiming to build a
culture of welcome to refugees within our local community and working to
achieve the settlement of more refugees in our borough. 

If you would like to help with donations, money or time please look at the website to see what the current needs are.

You can also contact using this email address contact@elmbridgecan.org.uk if you would like to help.


Walton and Hersham foodbankwww.waltonhersham.foodbank.org.uk

Walsingham Carewww.walsinghamcare.org.uk/

Walton on Thames Charitywww.waltoncharity.org.uk/Walton/WebPages/HomePage.asp


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